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Real Estate Closing Gifts!

BOLD Moves Real Estate

Real Estate Closing Gifts are a perfect way to show clients how much their business is appreciated.  It’s an  integral part of a client appreciation program.  

So what is a great closing gift?  Baked goods are always a hit.  Whether you bake them yourself or buy them, the packaging is key.  Decorative boxes or baskets always make for a nice presentation.

There are also personalized gifts, such as doormats with the family’s name, personalized bottles of wine, plaques or wreaths to hang on their door.

What about a print or tile created by a local artist or local art gallery?  There are many prints which highlight the town they are moving to with local scenes.

Gift certificates to Lowe’s or Home Depot are always a good idea especially if the home is a fixer-upper.  A pretty presentation can make this a great gift.

There is always the Gift Card to a local restaurant.  A family-friendly restaurant is great for the first few nights in a new home when the chaos of moving in sets in.

If you know the homeowners have a green thumb, a gardening basket with some cute tools for the budding gardener is a great gift.  No kids but pets, how about a pet-friendly basket filled with treats for their animals?

Personalized gift baskets can have any theme.  Wine and wineglasses and cheese and crackers, some specialty beers, handyman special with tools, breakfast foods, fruits, toys for the kids, or even a craft basket for them to make their own fun.

Whatever you choose, the presentation is always key with pretty baskets, colorful boxes, tissue paper,  cellophane and pretty bows and ribbons and don’t forget the personalized card to show your appreciation.

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