Budgeting Tips for First Time Home Buyers!

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Buying a House for the first time can be nerve racking, but with better budgeting, First Time Home Buyers can get into a house that suits their family as well as their budget.  There are many extra expenses that can go into purchasing a house that the buyer does not anticipate, but with a good real estate agent guiding them as well as their mortgage lender, they can buy a house with confidence.

Mortgage calculators are readily available online to help buyers calculate their mortgage payments including interest, insurance and taxes.  Keeping within their budget is important to avoid being house poor.  Calculating their budget now and keeping within it along with some savings for unforseen circumstances can give them a good idea of what kind of house they can afford.  Their mortgage broker can also help them with this  and have a wealth of ideas on which type of loan would suit them better.

There are some extra costs which should be factored in.                                                                                                Home Inspection:  Having a home inspected by a licensed Home Inspector, while not mandatory , is critical to making sure you know everything about a house prior to owning it.  They usually cost around $500 but are well worth the money to ensure there are no costly surprises waiting around the bend.

Closing Costs:  These average around $5000.  These include all the fees associated with buying a house such as lawyer,appraiser, title and recording fees.  They should be included in the budget.  Sometimes, closing costs can be included in the offer to be paid by the seller but generally the offer must be higher to take this into account.

Monthly bills:  Monthly utility bills for the house may be different than what they are currently paying.  The realto may be able to give a rough estimate what the monthly bills are for the house so that they can be budgeted in.

Maintenance:  Home owners know there is always maintenance to be done.  The Home Inspection will give an idea of what will need to be done in the near and distant future and can be included in the home budget.  A good idea is to set a weekly amount in a separate account to take care of home maintenance.

Purchasing a home can be exciting as well as scary but proper preparation can make the process much smoother and keep the anxiety down and make it the exciting and satisfying experience it was meant to be.

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This blog was originally posted on www.agentrising.com on March 20, 2015

New Seller’s Workshop!

Untitled-2Come by and join Dave Garro,  home stager Laura Severino, and graphic designer as well as real estate agent Sonia Amaral for a new Seller’s Workshop!  This is a no obligation, informal, informational meeting to answer all your questions.

Buyers are not to be overlooked.  Stay tuned for Dave Garro’s Buyer’s Workshop coming soon..

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Home Staging with Laura Severino!

Laura Severino is the Home Stager at BOLD Moves Real Estate.  Did you know BOLD Moves offers a free home staging consultation when you list your house with them?  Statistics show that Staged Homes sell faster than Unstaged homes.

Here are some Home Staging Ideas from Laura to get us through a particularly long and stormy winter:

Even though showing homes right now may be a little more difficult, take advantage of the cold and snowy “outside” to make “inside” feel warm, cozy, and inviting.

The outside of your house may look like this:

BOLD Moves Real Estate

But welcome buyers with a fresh flower arrangement, a warm fire, a lighted candle.   Use the outside to enhance the inside.  Don’t let the snow get you down….Spring is on its way but Sellers can certainly take advantage of the snow and low  inventory by cozy-ing up their home.  Looking for houses in the winter months is not for the frivolous, tire-kicker buyer.  If a buyer is taking the time to look for houses with all the snow and cold weather, they are usually serious buyers, ready to put an offer in.

BOLD Moves Real Estate

Make your house be the warm, cozy oasis they are looking for.  Make sure your heat is turned up so the house feels nice and warm.  Also, if you have any pictures of the house in the spring or summer, use them in a showing booklet or maybe put them in a springy frame so they can see how the house sparkles in the warm seasons.

The best you can do on the outside is make sure your steps, paths, and driveways are clear of snow to make the house accessible for the showing.  Use Ice Melt to get rid of any unwanted ice.

The snow will eventually melt and Spring flowers will pop but in the meantime take advantage and make your house warm and inviting and a place they want to call home.

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