Be the Neighborhood Real Estate Agent

NeighborhoodWhat are consumers really looking for in a real estate agent?  Of course they’d like you to sell their home for them in a timely manner or help them buy a new house, but they can look up houses on their own on the internet. What else are they looking for?

Real Estate Agents still have the local market knowledge and expertise they are looking for.  It is one of our competitive edges in this day and age.  There are a lot of statistics and facts on the local real estate sites, but not always accurate.   We, as real estate agents can help them sort through the facts and realize what is true in our area.   We may not know everything , but there is a lot you can offer on the trends in selling and buying in your neighborhood.  Especially to clients new to the area, you can offer them information on schools, local spots to dine, and even differences in taxes and education in the towns you serve.  You become the local “expert”.

People like to know about the neighborhoods, they are moving into.  Even new agents, who may not be as seasoned, can capitalize on this by researching and learning the local area and blogging about it on your website.

You can become the “local agent” and that leads to real estate success.

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This blog was posted on on April 28, 2016.

Make Your Photos Pop

photosIf you’re looking to set your photos apart from the rest or just want to have fun with your images, here are some apps that will make your pictures pop.

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Posted Apr 17, 2016 at 6:00 PM
Updated Apr 17, 2016 at 7:32 PM


One of the best features of owning a smartphone is having the ability to have a camera on you at all times. Whether you use that camera for snapping selfies, taking family pictures or capturing a beautiful sunset, smartphone-camera technology has allowed even the most novice of users the chance to feel like a professional photographer. But if you’re looking to set your photos apart from the rest or just want to have fun with your images, here are some apps that will make your pictures pop.
Color Splash: Many smartphones and photo editing apps allow users to convert their images to grayscale, but Color Splash allows you to do exactly what the app’s name says — add a splash of color to your black and white photos. Color Splash converts your photo to grayscale while keeping the details you wish to keep in color. Cost: $0.99 to download on iOS and Android. Find it: pocket
Luminance: This app features easy use for the novice and advanced use for those who are looking for heavy editing of their photos. The app includes its own library with iCloud backup, non-destructive editing and cropping, adjustment options and a variety of customizable pre-made filters. Luminance also features an adjustment on/off switch and a dedicated history section. Cost: $0.99 to download on iOS. Find it:
Magic Shutter: If you’re a fan of long exposure shots, you don’t need a professional camera to pull it off. Magic Shutter allows you to control the shutter speed on your iPhone or iPad. You can expertly create blurring and double exposure pictures as well. You can preview the results and the Smart Exposure feature lets you take long exposure pictures without the risk of over-exposing the image. Cost: $2.99 to download on iOS. Find it:
Autodesk Pixlr: This app lets you transform your photos into works of art with more than two million combinations of free effects, overlays and filters. You can also fine tune your photos with the Influence Masks feature, which allows you to control how the effects are applied to specific areas of the image. You can even turn your photos into works of art with effects like crosshatch, halftone and dapple. Cost: Free to download to iOS and Android. Find it:
Featured App
Ultratext: If you’re bored with standard emojis or you really, really want to get your point across through a text message, then Ultratext is the app for you. This app creates flashing neon messages with the words you type and you can also add emojis and photos from your phone. Just type your words in the box given and Ultratext turns your message into a looping animation. Cost: Free to download to iOS and Android. Find it: ultra

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Spring Market and Spring Planting

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It’s time for Spring Planting.  Now is the time buyers are looking for houses and nothing enhances a home’s curb appeal than Spring landscaping.  Try some new ideas.  A trellis is always a welcome addition to any yard.  You can buy a nice wooden trellis at any Lowe’s or Home Depot.  You can plant different flowers to twine around it such as ivy, passion flower or for something new try scarlet runner beans.  They grow quickly and have hummingbird-friendly blooms which become edible pods and shellable beans later.

Large pots on the porch can add a splash of color.  You can plant many annuals such as gerber daisies, pansies, verbena, or geraniums and add a few greens also to fill out the pot.

Take stock of your perennials.  Do they need thinning?  Some plants can grow out of control and take over the beds, such as helianthros, chives, or hostas.  Thin them out and keep them controlled.  Try some perennials which always deliver beauty and don’t spread so readily.  Some of these include lupins, astilbe, peonies, or hydrangeas.  These come in a variety of colors and come back year after year with very little work.

Keep the beds mulched weed-free and mulched and this will contribute to the beautiful look and keep the soil moist.

Don’t forget a veggie garden. You can do some vegetables such as tomatoes, green beans, lettuce or herbs in a relatively small space.  You can put some in raised beds or pots if space is an issue.  This is a great project to keep the kids interested and eating healthy.

You can start your flower planting now and your vegetable garden by the end of May.  Enjoy your summer with a great start now.  Nurseries and Home Depot or Lowe’s are brimming with fresh flowers, shrubs, trees and perennials.  Now is the time to cash in on the great sales and savings.

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April Snow

April Snow

April Snow?  Are you kidding?  We had a pretty. mild winter and not much snowfall, but it seems Mother Nature is making up for that.  It’s hard to believe it’s April 4th and Spring is here.  April showers are supposed to bring Spring Flowers not snow.  The daffodils and crocuses are already up and are now covered with snow.  The Southcoast is predicted to get 2-4 inches of snow before everything is all said and done later tonight.  The temperatures are expected to dip low tonight and it doesn’t look like we are going to warm up until Wednesday.

Hopefully the flowers can withstand the cold and snow until it melts and stays away until next winter.  Winter is sure packing a last punch.

Even though it may not seem like it right now, once the snow departs, it’s a great time to start cleaning up the yard and getting it ready for spring.  Raking up all the winter branches and leftover leaves is a great start as well as raking out and cleaning up the flowerbeds of all debris.  It’s a good time to spread some fertilizer on the lawn as well as the flowerbeds and spray some dormant oil spray on any fruit trees to keep away the insects and disease.

It’s a little early to start the garden outside but starting seeds indoors or in a greenhouse can get you ready for planting.   Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and other greens started by seeds take awhile to grow.  Starting them early will mean the plants will be ready to transplant into the garden when the weather is warmer.  Lots of vegetables can be started early from seeds indoors and transplanted into the garden in June.  The other alternative is to buy the plants from your local nursery when you are ready to start your garden.

It may not seem it today, but warmer weather is around the corner and this snowy day will be nothing but history.  Just hang in there and try to enjoy the last hurrah of winter.

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This blog was posted on on April 4, 2016.