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5 Kitchens that Families Love

The kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s where we gather to swap stories over a stove-top meal or gab near the gravy. What goes into a good kitchen, though? Which features, layouts, and touches make a kitchen more than just a room to cook in, but a place that is identifiable with our family as the gathering place? Here are some ways to make your kitchen loved by all its family.

The Island

A kitchen island truly is a remarkable feature in any family kitchen. It offers extra counter space for larger meals, and it also has potential to expand the storage space of a kitchen. The island serves as a space for serving from. If the design allows, barstools can be added here or there for a few extra seats. The island is an especially handy add-on for smaller kitchens where the cabinetry is lacking and can be customized fairly easily to fit your storage needs.

French Doors to the Outdoors

A kitchen that can open up and expand to the outdoors in an excellent feature for any family, especially one that entertains. A set of french doors or a sliding door offer easy access to other family cooking favorites: the grill and the smoker. Also, extra seating could be footsteps away in the form of a patio table. Keeping the food in the kitchen or on the deck offers easier clean-up. It also gives a safer place for spills for the little ones during large gatherings, rather than scrubbing juice from the living room carpet.

Furniture as a Built-in

When the kitchen table is included in the kitchen, it makes dining and serving a cinch. Imagine what once was a breakfast bar is expanded into a countertop. This is usually part of a center island that can seat up to six people. This feature is great for a busy family, streamlining serving and clean-up into a single room. We also see this concept in the breakfast nook, with built-in seating and an opportunity for decorative flair with cushions and pillows.

The Hide-Away Concept

Fewer visual surrounding can sometimes help our thinking. This is where the hide-away concept comes in. Everything from mixers and coffee stations to microwaves and toaster ovens can be hidden away in their own little cubbies. Once the appliance is used, the custom-made door can shut to hide it away again, never again to clutter up our countertops or our thought process. This concept can also be used to store cleaning supplies and expand the pantry. Often times, custom built-ins on castor wheels can make a world of difference for storage expansion. They can be camouflaged in, used when needed, and hidden away again!

Kitchen Zones

With everything in its own specific area, organization happens naturally. Think dishwashing station, eating station, cooking station, etc. The kitchen has everything tailored to be in the exact spot where it is needed, to be easily accessed. For example, everyday dishes are kept directly above the dishwasher, next to the sink, and within reach of drying towels to make up the dishwashing zone.

Keeping the kitchen clean and functional, yet still inviting, can be a challenge. With these tips for customization, your perfect family kitchen is just steps away.

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This blog was posted on on December 30, 2015.

BOLD Moves Real Estate Pop-By Gifts

BOLD Moves Real EstateChristmas is a great time to stop in and let your clients know how much you appreciate them. Laura Severino, our own BOLD Moves Agent and creative Home Stager created these beautiful Pop-By Gifts for her clients.  The special packaging makes these so unique.

Check out her great staging ideas for all seasons and her creative and unique Pop-By Gifts.

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There are many great ideas for Pop-By Gifts at Christmas including home baked goods and candies.  The finishing touches on the packaging make all the difference.  You can find cute holiday tins or specialty holiday boxes to give a festive air to your gifts.  Colorful cellophane bags or pretty baskets can all dress up your home baked goods.  Don’t forget to use pretty ribbons and tags for the final touches.

Everyone can appreciate these special treats.  Paula Tosca baked some great treats for her clients also.

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This blog was posted on on December 24, 2015.

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Rochester Tree Lighting

The annual Rochester Tree Lighting was held last night at the Town Hall Square in Rochester, MA.  The Rochester Memorial School Band and Chorus were on hand as well as a large group of parents, grandparents, family and friends,

The evening began at 6:30 with the Rochester Memorial School Band, led by Chris Williamson, decked out in festive Santa hats playing Christmas songs.  Selectman Richard Nunes then introduced the winner of the School Poster Contest.  She was given the important task of lighting up the Christmas tree for the first time.

The Chorus, led by music teacher Sue Audette,  then sang a medley of Christmas Carols.   This was followed by the spectacular appearance of Santa on the town ladder truck to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hand out candy canes to all the kids.  Refreshments in the town hall ended the night provided by The Artisan Kitchen and Matt’s Blackboard.

It is always a great tradition and the weather was perfect.

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This blog was posted on on December 8, 2015.

BOLD Day Challenge

BOLD Day Challenge

BOLD Day Challenge Update.

The BOLD Day Challenge is on Day 334 with 31 days left until the end of the year.  It has been a huge success at  the BOLD Welcome Center.    Everyone has been consistently sending out Thank You, Birthday, Gratitude, Inspiration, etc. just to name a few.  There has been a great reception and feedback on the cards.  Many have heard back from their recipients with kind words of how the cards brightenend their day and they were touched by the gesture.

The Challlenge is far from over.  Kate Lanagan MacGregor challenged everyone to up their game recently and catch up if they were behind or simply add to their list with hand designed BOLD Move Thanksgiving cards by BBM.   BOLD Moves Real Estate sent out over 2,000 Thanksgiving Cards to friends, family, clients and colleagues in the past two weeks.  All the BOLDIES took the time to sit and personally sign the cards going out to give them a special touch.

The enthusiasm was catchy too.  Over 700 gratitude cards were sent out from the BOLD Welcome Center in the month of November alone.  With the holidays just around the corner, the month of December promises to be a blockbuster too.

The Feedback and benefits has been so great, that the BOLD Day Challenge will continue through the new coming year.  Find out how you can join the BOLD Day Challenge and change your life for the better.

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This blog was posted on on December 1, 2015.